How to save battery life on the HTC One by changing a few settings


As the HTC One is my daily driver, battery life is important for me. With about an hour of calls and some browsing on the internet, I expect it to last at least one full day. And well, with some minor changes you can increase your battery life.

Turn off LTE constantly

LTE is super speedy internet. But it is also a know battery eater. Or maybe worse, LTE isn't available at all but your phone will constantly search for it. This is because HTC set the networks mode of the HTC One to "GSM / WCDMA / LTE auto".

HSDPA should be enough for you. So change the network mode of your phone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Mobile data
  3. Tap on Network mode
  4. Chose GSM / WCDMA auto


Change to a black / dark wallpaper

Beside setting a low brightness level (or auto brightness) you can save some more juice by using a dark wallpaper. I prefer a black one. Simply create a 1x1 pixel black image file and chose this one as your wallpaper.

Change a lot of sync intervals

Beside the syncing of your Google account, the HTC One also updates the News (BlinkFeed), Weather, Stocks, ... and so on.

You can increase your battery life by changing the settings of these apps:

  • BlinkFeed (News), change to "Only on WiFi"
  • Stocks, set to 4 hours, delete unused stocks
  • Weather, set to a higher value, I prefer 3 hours
  • Facebook (you may disable sync)
  • Twitter  (you may disable sync)

Please note that the settings are somehow confusing as you can find some of them in by going to SettingsAccounts & sync and some of them need to be adjusted within the app.

Screenshot_2013-08-16-19-33-35 Screenshot_2013-08-16-19-33-49 Screenshot_2013-08-16-19-36-32

Delete or disable unused Apps

As on many other phones, there is some bloatware on the HTC One. Fortunately Google implemented the possibility to disable these apps in Android a few versions ago. And fortunately HTC kept this option on their phone.

You can disable apps by going to SettingsApps, swipe to All. Some preinstalled apps I disabled (please do so at your own risk):

  • 7digital
  • 7digital Parnter Information
  • Best Deals
  • Dropbox (as I use Google Drive)
  • Internet (as I use Google Chrome)
  • Kid Mode
  • KeyVPN
  • Kid Mode
  • TuneIn Radio

Of course these apps won't work anymore, if you disable them (well.. what would you expect?). Start by disabling only a few. If you run into problems, you may enable them again.